The Evolutionary Journey

And so it is…that our journey unfolds…one chapter closing…and the beautiful opening to all that is new…
for some reason ‘She’ seemed to be very prominent and important for this birthing of a new chapter…

“She let go of her previous life of subservience, struggle, lessons, doubt, feeling small.

She allowed herself to walk through the new gateway…into expansion, love, light, joy, embracing together. Shining. Acceptance. Calm leadership. Absolute joy. Sharing from heart space. Guiding. Centred stillness. Anchored. Allowing pathways to unfold.

To BE her beautiful self.

Opening to genuine friendships, care and growth – to expanded stories… to many new stories.

She cut the ties, the cords to previous thoughts, procrastinations, limits and worthlessness.

For now She accepted her. As she really is as this physical being. For She has really grown to love and respect her. For She is so powerful.

She was blind for so long: She hurt. She scared. She cringed. She lost. She bewildered. She tried, and tried and tried…

And She grew…

She tested. She hid. She slid. She escaped.

But She kept clinging to the one cord of truth that connected her to who she truly was.

And then She grasped it with 2 hands – that of hers and her Sister – Sisterhood.

And She ignited.

She then shed and shed and shed the layers and the weights.

She allowed herself to feel…to feel her beauty, her grace. To feel joy, gratitude, light, love.

Through being able to feel…She was able to experience…………peace.

When she found peace, she was able to anchor in this place regularly.

It was here that she built her personal strength, her connectedness to her own truth, her connectedness to the truth around her.

She was joined by more Sisters – those who could hear her voice, her Soul’s voice.

They rested her. They supported her. They strengthened her courage. They cushioned her in love, acceptance and quiet joy.

She opened to Soul…and Soul spoke to her. She dived, dug deep, felt, released, exposed, challenged…and she rose.

She then revealed herself to Her. And finally came the love that She had always wanted for herself. Finally..she could write…”I am worthy.”

And with her worthiness, she began her work of world service in earnest.

She opened her heart.

She treasured her body.

She respected her previous life.

She was humbled by all that had happened to and for her.

She gave thanks everyday for all that she had experienced and gained.

She became humble. She lived in awe. She began to celebrate every moment of every day…because She knew that in that moment, She got to choose who She was, how She interacted with herself and the world. She decided to hold her own power, to breath her own goodness, to share her own light and joy. She decided to love, to care, to nurture, to protect, to free, to dance, to sing, to BE.

For she knew that she was just love – that that is all She was and that that really, was all She had to share.

So She loved…freely.

She loved all.

She loved Earth, the moon, the stars.

She loved the sun, the wind, the rain, the dark, the light.

She began to honour these things.

She slept in the moonlight, she walked the Earth, She gave to the Land via her loving touch.

And She felt true freedom, for the very first time.

And it felt good.

And She knew, that if something felt good, and it did not hurt self, others, community or environment, then it needed to be done again…for it is in feeling good that we allow ourselves to share.

Feeling good energised her…so She was able to give endlessly.

And it was through her endless, joyous, giving…that She helped nurture the world back in to wholeness.”


Much love beautiful world.

Thank you to all those who provide knowing and unknowing support and care.

Lisa x

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