Spreading Energy

Together let’s create the world we want to live in…one person at a time.

Let’s spread seeds.

As you can see I adore Nature and nature photography – if it feels right I take the photo. I have had no training. I photograph everything on Auto. For me, it is a heartfelt connection to the individual scene, plant, animal.

I marvel at the absolute magnificence of what nature has created.

I take a photo because I want to remember that feeling of awe. I feel it every time I re-look at the photo.

I also want to share that love and that joy with others. Not everyone sees or feels it. We are all at different stages of our journey. No one is better than anyone else. We all have our gifts. That is okay. I cannot convince people of something – I can only provide them with the opportunity to feel it when they are ready.

I’m just Spreading the Yellow… sharing a natural joy.

There is so much Yellow we can spread in this world… so much natural joy. Whether it be love, talents, skills, time, thoughtfulness, understanding, compassion…the list goes on…

Join the Yellow group…let’s spread beautiful energy together.

I hope you enjoy todays’ beautiful Grevillea energy..

With much Love

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