These 5 original and unique journeys reflect a pathway lived that have enabled an opening to Soul Truth.

They are shared with the intention of providing assistance for you to transform your way of thinking, allowing you the personal freedom to live your life more peacefully, truthfully and from a state of pure love.

Through this process, the relationship you have to the world around you is able to transform, often from one of discord, instead, a more harmonious, empowered and positively connected way of living.

May these journeys assist in reconnecting you to your own true story within.

May they reconnect you to your own magnificence,

and encourage you to share that with the world around you.


Creating the desire to recognise and honour the amazing physical body that we have and all of the energy, strength, healing power and connection that can come from within it.

Assists in living free of negative influences in your life – substances,  toxic relationships, anxiety, depression, medications, gambling, electronics…etc

Live simply. Live well.


Learning how to identify, feel and release the uncomfortable feelings, what I call the ‘Red’, so you are able to begin experiencing true peace and joy in your relationship with yourself, as well as with others. 

Creating good memories.

Through connecting to land via their hands and hearts, people can begin to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Through people connecting with the land in a much more caring, harmonious and respectful manner, the land may begin to heal.

Two – way energy exchange and healing potential. 


Reconnecting to our humanity and our role on this Earth, as caretakers and guardians of the Earth, for our children and the Elderly.

Honour. Respect.

Spiritual guidance is within and around us. Learning how to tune in, follow your own guidance  as well as guidance from the other side, helps you open to your full potential here on Earth, and assists in helping you release your unique gifts into the world.

Have faith, and open to your

Soul journey.

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