About Lisa

Founder and Creator - DSS, RCY, HTL-HTP, SCL, Remember Purple

I am Lisa, an intuitive, creative visionary who is deeply connected to Earth and natural energies.

In order to navigate our changing world, I was shown a new way of thinking and BEing,

based on love and acceptance of all.

It is my intention to transform this wisdom into simple yet profound visuals and presentations,

for you to absorb and digest.

This all began in 2008.

Since then, I have been travelling through the 5 journeys.

There have been significant changes in my life ever since.  I have had to shed my old way of BEing.

Physically. Mentally. Emotionally, and connect back deeper, Spirituality.

All very challenging, yet absolutely necessary, in order to open to a more truthful and loving way of BEing.

I know I didn’t go through all the pain and discomfort just for my own Ego.

I went through it, and we all go through it, in order to grow and evolve.

For it is when we bring our whole, healed self to the world, that we get to create a more peaceful way of living and being together, and with Earth.

For we are all creating our future lives, together.

From the guidance and healing that has been undertaken, I have summarised the experiences and wisdom into 5 journeys that reveal a unique way of seeing, feeling and creating our world,

 from a truly meaningful and peaceful state of love.

It all begins inside each of us.

May my work support and assist you to bridge,

from an old way of living and doing, to a new way of BEing.

Love and peace to all.

Lisa x












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